DeadRoad Assault

Your truck has crashed on eerie Exit 51, and the plague infested zombies are after you! You gotta shoot 'em up and crush 'em like bugs, and you've got an arsenal of chain guns and rockets to help you wreak havoc and destruction! Interesting levels, vivid surrounding, hot explosions, and thousands of zombies! Rip these angry monsters to shreds with gatling guns, chain guns and bombs. Unlock challenging achievements and compare your score online to see how you rank up!
Music Credits:

The Dogs by The Obeliske (
ADSL by Birds of Fire. (
Haleine Fraiche by Birds of Fire (

Sound Effect Credits:

CosmicD (
CosmicD (
CosmicD (
CGEffex (
daf024 (
klankbeeld (
pcruzn (
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sarge4267 (