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X Line X

Do you enjoy solving puzzles?
Then you need to get X Line X today!

With 300+ levels to solve, X Line X is easy to learn and fun to play for all ages. Just find two X's that are the same and join them together.

This one finger-play game is so fun and addicting, you’ll play for hours.
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Bad Driving

Are you a bad driver? Drive a crazy car that only turns ONE WAY!!

 Tap your way through the course and be the king of Bad Driving.  
See how your score compares on the leaderboard, and buy new
cars with gems you find along the way.

Will you be the best? It's impossible to be a good bad driver!
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Dark Word

Are you a wordy?
A great way to learn new words and kill some the DARK!!

 With more than 1500 words and 25+ categories, Dark Word is hours
of fun. The game auto saves as you play, so you can come back to a
half finished puzzles at anytime.

So go on, have some fun in the dark and play it FREE today!!

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Drop A Ball

 You will laugh or cry when the ball rolls the wrong way, but it is so rewarding when the puzzle works.

Drop A Ball is great for all ages to learn about physics.
It is also a fun game with heaps of unique puzzles to keep you thinking for hours.

So have some fun and play Drop A Ball today!

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Mystery Word

Can you read anything?
Mystery Word is all about reading the impossible.

Try and work out what is written in the text then fill in the word.

With 250 + puzzles to solve in five different categories to keep the puzzles fresh, Mystery Word is a unique game idea that will give hours of fun and enjoyment.
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Slide Golf

Will you shoot a hole in one? Move the blocks and make the mini golf course. Slide Golf is part puzzle, part golf and ALL FUN!

Play through 160 courses, collecting all the stars to be a pro golfer. Move the course around to create the perfect shot.

A simple and fun one finger game play that exercises your brain

as you solve all the puzzles.
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Pattern Stretch

Move the points on the lines to make the shape up the top.
Sound easy? Give it a try FREE today!

There are 100 fun levels to play, starting at easy and increasing
a little bit in difficulty to train your brain. Enjoy the minimalist game design with clean lines and simple movements.

Pattern Stretch is one touch/one finger game play so it is
designed for all age groups.

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Fuse Line 

Fuse Line is all about finding your flow and joining the numbers.
Connect all the numbers with one line and filling the board!

There are 600 levels grouped from easy to advanced.
Enjoy the challenge of the puzzles with no timers to rush you.

It's easy to learn, fun to play and will keep you entertained for hours!
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Hole Shot Golf 

This is a golf game like no other. Live your inner PGA Pro dreams and exercise your brain at the same time.

Tee off and swing your way though the 50 hole, brain
teasing obstacle course where calculating strategic trajectory
will get you a hole-in-one and club victory!!!!

From beginners to experts, Hole Shot Golf is for everyone!!

Download Free Today

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