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Magic Little Flowers 
A puzzle game for everyone

Are you ready to relax and excise your brain to help your inner zen?

Magic Little Flowers is a unique matching game that you use one finger play and spin to match the flowers. All the puzzle levels are thought out to make you use your brain power and the ever changing weather will relax you at the same time. If you love matching/puzzle games why not try a new twist on this game play and play today? 

The Golf Puzzle Game

This is a golf game like no other......each level is a unique puzzle to sink the ball!

Live your inner PGA Pro dreams and exercise your brain at the same time. Tee off and swing your way though the 50 hole, brain teasing obstacle course where calculating strategic trajectory will get you a hole-in-one and club victory!!!!

From beginners to experts, the Golf Puzzle Game is for everyone!!

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