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Lighthaze World

This is a Cosy Puzzle game for people that love adventure. The Puzzles are linked together in a way that the player (you) can pick and choose the order you complete puzzles, there is also collecting and exploring to do. Lighthaze World is the story of an anxious hero finding a path to save his dog.

You are about to play as Nym, an anxious guy that is trying to overcome his fear of crowds and go shopping at the mall. You will help other characters along the way with your ability to solve puzzles that nobody else can understand. The puzzles are in the form of push box, environmental, button sequence, mirror and activation puzzles.

The Lighthaze World Mall lets Nym transport himself to different worlds. These worlds are all hand designed lush environments. So you the player will be able to relax and enjoy a casual puzzle game like no other.

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