Mystery Word

Mystery Word is all about reading the impossible. 

With 250+ puzzles to solve, in five different categories to keep the puzzles fresh, Mystery Word will give you hours of fun and enjoyment.

So go on, have some fun and play it for FREE today!

Slide Golf

Move the blocks and make the mini golf course. Will you shoot a hole in one? Slide golf is part puzzel, part golf, ALL FUN!

Play through 160 courses, collecting all the starts like a pro golfer.  Whatever golf you like, Slide Golf is for you!

Play it for FREE today!
Fuse Line

Fuse Line is all about finding your flow and joining the numbers.

Connect the numbers with one line and fill the board.

With 600 levels, grouped from easy to advanced, it's hours
of entertainment! 

Play it for FREE today!

Hole Shot Golf

A golf game like no other! Live your innter PGA Pro dreams and exercise your brain at the same time.

Tee off and swing your way through the 50 hole course where calculating strategic trajectory will get
you a hole-in-one and club victory!

From beginners to experts, Hole Shot Golf is for EVERYONE!

Play it for FREE today!

Pattern Stretch

Move the points on the lines to make the shape. Sound easy? Well, give it a go! 

Pattern Stretch has 100 fun levels to play, starting at easy and increasing a little bit in difficulty to train your brain.

A one touch / one finger game play, designed for all age groups. 

Play it for FREE today!


 Simple to learn and super fun to play!! Make matches diagonally, horizontally and vertically!

Move Cubi3s from the bottom of the screen to the game board. 

Check out your scores on Cubi3s leaderboard. Are you on top?  

Play it for FREE today!

More Games

DeadRoad Assault
Zombies are after you!! Shoot 'em up and crush 'em like bugs with your arsenal of chain guns and rockets to help you wreak havoc and destruction!
Retro Controller Skill Tester
Relive the nostalgia of arcade gaming in this game of skill to test your reaction time.
Play FREE now!
Magic Little Flowers 2
A fun and zen puzzle solving game for everyone! Have fun and tease your brain.
Go on, have a go! Download FREE today!
Arcade Match
A super easy game play that challenges and entertains. Play with cars, animals, rocks, candy and emojis.
Magic Little Flowers
Something for the littlies. A fun and colourful problem solving game.
Zombie Clown Tunnel
Get in your car and try and escape a post-
apocalyptic Zombie Clown filled tunnel! 
Dodge obstacles & splat those
Zombie Clowns!
Candy Wizard
Join the Candy Wizard through 100 colourful levels. Hours of entertainment for everyone. FREE to play!